Happy Mountain Foods, LLC is a company founded on trust. Trust is at the heart of every relationship. That is why Happy Mountain Foods is up front with our ingredients and our taste. We strive to bring you the most quality products while using as little ingredients as possible. As a company we believe "Less is More". If we will not put it into our bodies, why would we expect you to? Every good relationship is built from trust. Let our be the proof of our honesty.

We believe in being in it for the long run. That means doing business in a way that is sustainable and good for all that are involved. We source only the best organic and natural ingredients from the most local sources possible. We love making foods that people can feel good about eating and will come back for!

Quality, sustainability and hard work are our driving principles. We hope to take these great products and distribute them to retailers and consumers who know what good food is all about.

Here at Happy Mountain Foods, we believe that good food is a big part of a good life. So eat well and support local foods!

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