I bought several Ginger Carrot Almond Meal Replacement Bars at Whole Foods in Greenville, SC, just prior to a hiking trip in the Grand Teton mountains of Wyoming last month. Those bars were a real life saver on our hike. Not only were they delicious but they truly were a meal in themselves and gave us plenty of energy to finish our long hike. Thank you!

Barbara Pierce
Mauldin, SC

Jay stopped in the store with a handful of bars and a truckload of enthusiasm. We decided to give them a shot on a trial arrangement. In a short time, Parr Bars have become one of the best selling of the seventeen brands of bars in our store! The customers love a handmade, local product that’s wholesome and simple. We love a responsive and responsible company that holds sustainability as a core value. Parr Barr is a great company with a great product, and we’re proud to have them on our shelves.

Steve Wyatt
Bare Essentials Natural Market

I just bought a Parr Barr, from the Wired Scholar in the Library, and it was AMAZING! now I'm back to writing a 15 page paper, but I just wanted to say thanks because that ParrBarr is gonna help me push through!


I just want you to know that this bar is one of the best i've ever had. It has been such a treat to have during such a busy end to the semester. thank you for making such a great whole food bar that is so enjoyable and tasty.

God Bless
Sumiah Baraquony

I love the Parr Barr bars! We just got them at the Annex and I've tried 3 flavors! Best tasting energy bar I've ever eaten and it really keeps me going for a long time. I also love that they come from the High Country!

Susan Benson
Mast General Store Employee

Hi! I have discovered you in Greensboro and I am in LOVE with both the dark chocolate flavors! Wondering if I could order several of both directly from you?!!?!

With Eager Anticipation,

My husband had one (A Boone Barr) too yesterday before a 10-mile run and he noticed a definite difference in not needing a mid-run snack as soon as he usually does. I'll send other comments if I think of them!

Take care,
Susan Gilbert

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